Love Effect Project

As an adoptive mother and artist I want to show how all families are different. Whether that means only a couple, older parents, blended families, two moms, two dads, adoptive families, families of different races, families with a member who has a difference in any way, friends who are family, etc. I want this to show that differences in all of us can make a family.

You may be asking how this will work? Well, I’ll have a questionarre that you’ll fill out and we will do the session, free of charge of course, and then I will share a bit of your story next to the image to show the family’s differences.
So if you or someone you know would be a good family to be part of the project please contact me. I will be doing sessions and then putting the project together.

Please join the event on Facebook  – Model Search-The Love Effect Project and “Like” my page

Please share with others you know who might like to be considered.

And Fill out this short questionnaire to be considered. Sessions will begin soon and I will contact you if I have any additional questions. Thank you, I cannot wait to get started on these sessions and begin to share the Love Effect.

* Must be 18 or older to be considered without guardian consent.

*Must agree and sign consent to have images and story shared and published.


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